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Perf-tooling is a collection of powerful resources which will help you to improve your workflow and to deliver better and faster websites.

184 Tools

A rich collection of tools available to optimize and/or monitor your website's performance including bookmarklets, browser extensions, command line tools, node modules and grunt/gulp tasks.

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188 Articles

An exclusive list of articles about best practices to build fast websites which will make your visitors happy.

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84 Videos

A collection of recent videos including performance-specific tips and tricks to build better and faster websites.

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56 Slidedecks

A library of slides from great talks covering performance-related topics.

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28 Books

Our books section features recommended books from some of the most influential authors in the field.

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6 Courses

For self-learners, we include courses to get you going.

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25 Audits

Performance audits of popular sites made by experts. Good to learn about common mistakes.

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You want to add a tool? Great!
Either create an issue and we'll add it to

Or propose a pull request and add a tool by adding a new JSON file to the data folder. The JSON files in these folders will be automatically rendered using a template based in the templates folder. For more detailed information check the

By proposing a pull request you will be added to the footer contributors list automatically.

We would like this project to become a shared resource maintained by the community, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it or make it better, please let us know and file an issue on Github.


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